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Clearing out! Everything is for sale

Discussion in 'Equipment For Sale, Trade or Want to Buy' started by mwirth1, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. mwirth1

    mwirth1 Copepod

    Tank is broken down, now up for sale: equipment and accessories. Flexible on most prices. PM me any questions/offers! Will make a deal if you pick up multiple items!

    ~40lbs live sand - $20.00
    ~5 lbs live rock (one chunk has green palys) - free with purchase

    AI Prime with Tank Mount (Black) - $175.00 ($230 new)
    SeaClone Protein Skimmer - $20.00
    Eshopps HOB Protein Skimmer (PSK-100H) 75-100gal - $100.00 ($160 new)
    CPR Aquatics CS100 Overflow Box and TOM Aqua Lifter + 2 spare diaphragms - $40.00 ($130 new)
    Jebao RW-4 Wavemaker with Controller - $35.00 ($60 new)
    ATO Double Switch Controller (w/ Pump, Mount, 6ft Tubing) - $30.00 ($60 new)
    2.5 Gallon Tank - $5.00
    Aqueon 20 Gallon (Tall) Back painted black - $10.00
    20 Gallon Tank Stand x2 - $10.00 each
    Wood Cabinet Stand (20 long/29) - $20.00
    15 Gallon Sump (Baffled; Center return) - $20.00
    Aqueon 10 Filter - $5.00
    Aqueon 20 Filter - $5.00
    Aqueon Pro Heater (100w) - $10.00
    Tetra Heater (100w) - $5.00
    EcoPlus 264 (290gph) Return Pump - $10.00
    AquaClear 20 Powerhead - $5.00
    Marineland Maxijet 900 - $5.00
    Fluval Sea Circulation Pump CP2 (425 gph) - $5.00
    Aqueon Water Flow Control - $1.00
    Aqueon Magnetic Glass Cleaner - $3.00
    Fine Mesh Media Bag x2 - $2.00
    Refractometer - $10.00
    Hagen T5HO Glo 2x24W Fixture - $10.00
    Instant Ocean Hydrometer - $5.00
    Algae scrubbing wands/net - $5.00
    Coralife thermometer - $5 (Needs battery)

    Salifert test kits are ~75% full
    Red Sea Reef Supplements are ~90% full
    API Master Saltwater Kit ~75% full
    Prime ~75% full
    Coral Dip ~90% full

    Salifert Ca Test Kit - $5.00
    Salifert Mg Test Kit - $5.00
    Salifert KH Test Kit - $5.00
    API Ca Test Kit - $3.00
    API Master Saltwater Test Kit - $10.00
    Red Sea Reef Foundation (A) Ca/Sr/Ba- $5.00
    Red Sea Reef Foundation (C) Mg - $5.00
    Aquavitro OH Balance - $5.00
    Seachem Coral Dip - $2.00
    Seachem Prime - $3.00
    FritzPRO RPM Sea Salt (Comes in a nice Seachem Salinity bucket!) ~20lbs - $20.00
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  2. whyamisofly

    whyamisofly Prawn M.A.S.C Club Member

  3. mwirth1

    mwirth1 Copepod

    All PM's replied to. Sorry for the massive pictures. Here's a link to my imgur for reasonably sized pictures https://mwirth686.imgur.com/
  4. mwirth1

    mwirth1 Copepod

    Sales pending on Jebao, ATO, 2.5gal, Maxijet, Salifert test kits, API Master kit, API Ca, OH Balance, Coral Dip, Media bags, Fritz RPM Salt
  5. mwirth1

    mwirth1 Copepod

    Salifert, API Ca, and API Master test kits, as well as the Fritz RPM salt have been sold
  6. mwirth1

    mwirth1 Copepod

  7. Bdk1786

    Bdk1786 Amphipod

    What are the dimensions of the 15 gal sump?
  8. WetDreamzCoral

    WetDreamzCoral Copepod

    What' still left for sake?
  9. WetDreamzCoral

    WetDreamzCoral Copepod

  10. mwirth1

    mwirth1 Copepod

    Salifert, API Ca, and API Master test kits, as well as the Fritz RPM salt have been sold

    Everything else is available
  11. mwirth1

    mwirth1 Copepod

    Aqueon Pro 100W heater is sold as well
  12. B-Rizzle0279

    B-Rizzle0279 Amphipod

    What are the dimensions of the black wood stand? By the picture it looks like it's deeper front to back than a 20l/29 tank. Also, how long was the AI Prime hd used for?
  13. andre

    andre Copepod M.A.S.C Club Member

    Interested in a bunch of stuff. What part of town are you in and when can I take a look?
  14. mwirth1

    mwirth1 Copepod

    PMs replied to
  15. mwirth1

    mwirth1 Copepod

    Wood cabinet stand is sold
  16. mwirth1

    mwirth1 Copepod

    Sand, live rock, and jebao gone

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