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  1. Octopi

    150 Gallon storage / mixing tank - $75

    I never was able to sell my 150 gallon storage tank when I sold off the rest last year. I do need to move it out of garage for the space so looking to sell quick. They go for $400 new and I think I bought it on here from someone for $150. If needed, I may even be able to deliver (I am in Golden...
  2. Octopi

    Rehoming livestock - Tangs and Clowns

    I need to find a new home for my Powder Brown Tang, Kona Yellow Tang, two Clowns, Engineer Goby, Urchin and Six-line Wrasse. For the Tangs, I will not be charging any fee but you must have a large tank (100g minimum) and room for them. Note that the Yellow tang especially will be territorial...
  3. Octopi

    Sherman RBTA for Sale

    Looking to reduce the anemone population a bit. I have 3 at $20 each. Live in east Golden and work from home so pretty flexible schedule. I'll try to be on here more often monitoring but best bet is to text me. 720/ 355 . Seven Four 32. -Tom