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Clam is Dead. Whats Next?

Discussion in 'Clams - bivalve molluscs' started by robert.talarico, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. robert.talarico

    robert.talarico Cuttle Fish M.A.S.C Club Member

    Came home from work today to find my peppermint shrimp eating my maxima like it was a buffet. I recently purchased the shrimp to take care of an aiptasia problem. It worked great, but now that the food is gone is he going to eat more livestock? Haha does anyone need an aiptasia eating peppermint?
  2. Cake_Boss

    Cake_Boss Orca M.A.S.C Club Member

    Yes, he will eat your coral. Your acans are next. Solution = target feed him until he's not hungry anymore. There are also fish that eat shrimp. Sell/trade/auction/DBTC him, whatevers clever.

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  3. mdrumm

    mdrumm Prawn

    and most likely your clam died first and then your shrimp ate it.
  4. mikejrice

    mikejrice Barracuda M.A.S.C Club Member


    If it's an Atlantic peppermint I wouldn't worry about it yet.
  5. spstimie

    spstimie Barracuda M.A.S.C Club Member

    If you mean, Lysmata wurdemanni, my recovering Acans would beg to differ. They tore my acans up after the aiptasia were gone.
  6. honoreetamore

    honoreetamore Copepod

    +1 again

    I have had plenty of peps in my systems - never found them eating anything that was living. Anything they would get on I would watch and they were simply cleaning and getting food fallin around it (like at the base between zoas) or it was already dead/had dead tissue and they were doing what a CUC member is supposed to do. In some cases I could see how if you had an LPS that had already had tissue damage and they got on it to eat that - they could possibly damage the remaining healthy tissue too... But as far as clams go especially - I dont see it being your shrimp. Clams are way too strong... A healthy clam would close up on the shrimp and crush it!!!!!

    And for the record - Lysmata wurdemanni are caribbean. Lysmata californica arent atlantic, they are pacific and arent known to eat aptasia. :)
  7. mikejrice

    mikejrice Barracuda M.A.S.C Club Member


    Do you mean AREN'T Atlantic? They're found of California thus the name.
  8. honoreetamore

    honoreetamore Copepod

    Ops! ya.. so didnt mean they were .. corrected now LOL thankx Mike...

    I scanned a page from one of my books for the cali type you DON'T want in ur tank - they will eat polyps, small and large stoneys - everything but aptasia (tho they may if they are hungry enough i would think since its still meat! lol) But arent known for it. These could be the ones that ate your acans up Shawn!

    Pg 242 from "Marine Invertebrates: 500+ Essentail-to-know Aquarium Species" by Ronald L Shimek, Ph.D.
  9. chrislorentz

    chrislorentz Marlin M.A.S.C Club Member

    Robert where did you get the peppermints from?
  10. robert.talarico

    robert.talarico Cuttle Fish M.A.S.C Club Member

    Im almost 100% positive that my clam was NOT dead when/before the peppermint started to nip at it. I bought the peppermint from elite reef (which, by the way, is a great store). Like I said it ate all the aiptasia in my tank including some fairly large ones.
  11. mikejrice

    mikejrice Barracuda M.A.S.C Club Member

    It can be near impossible to tell that a clam is actually dead. Their shells are sprung to be at rest in the open position, so usually they will die open and still looking good. It can be awhile before they noticeably begin to decay, but inverts can tell right away especially due to the fact that they stop closing when stimulated. I had a maxima die this week, and it looked great until I noticed hermits working on it.

    That said, anything is possible when it comes to all of these animals, so you may just have a rogue clam muncher.

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