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Early Thanksgiving blowout! Buy two bottles = Get free shipping or Free bottle!

Discussion in 'Algae Barn' started by AlgaeBarn, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. AlgaeBarn

    AlgaeBarn Amphipod

    Hey everyone,
    BUY 2 BOTTLES, GET (1) Free shipping or (2) 1 FREE bottle

    Each bottle is 16 ounces of high density Live Nannochloropsis -- $12. Masc members receive bottles at $10 each!
    This is less than half the price of the leading competitor!!

    My most recent batch of Nannochloropsis is ready for sale. I would like to thank MASC for all the support I have received. I will be adding a new product to the line up for the December Frag Swap!

    Some of the prime benefits of live phytoplankton:

    1. Increased Zooplankton population! Zooplankton, especially omega-3 enriched ones, are a nutritious snack that fish and coral love!
    2. Decrease nuisance algae. Live phytoplankton devours nitrates and phosphates! Dead phytoplankton, like many pastes, can actually cause a nitrate spike!
    3. Culture your own Phytoplankton!

    I am re-investing the funds from this venture to increase the algae quality! I'm inquiring into obtained a CO2 tank to increase the algae quality!
    Let me know if you are interested in bulk(discounts!) or in pastes.
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