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Hello all, it’s time for me to down grade my system. It’s currently set up in my garage and I’m having issues with humidity and with the kids I don’t have the time. As of right now trying to sell as a whole set up could separate certain things. Not trying to make a killing just want enough money back to pay for my downgrade system. Rock and some corals can be included. Some very nice rock. Custom rock is brs reef saver cemented with
-150g DD (cube) tank
-custom rock scape
-x5 ai vegas + 2 controllers (hard to find)
-Custom tank lid that I need to pick up still
-x2 gyre waves pumps with battery backup
^ still have boxes and brand new parts
-tunze wavebox bought last year
^have box and parts
-x2 600watt heaters with a 300watt
^600watt heaters bought a year ago
-custom center piece rock + pedestal rock and base rock
-jebao return pump
-reef octopus regal 200int protein skimmer
-avast marine kalk stirrer + new 2pnd bag and 5g bucket of kalkwasser
-125g sump (3 large sections) w/ stand
-chaeto grow light
-jebao pump for return

Tank/stand/canopy+sump+return pump+ custom rock skape+custom lid
Tunze wavebox
600watt heater x2
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