32 gal bio cube, fully running. $200


Sting ray
M.A.S.C Club Member
32 gal bio cube. Has a giesmann veerve led light, but also comes with the original hood. Comes with an ato, and a small rector running gfo. 3 bubble tips, 2 green purple tip and 1 rainbow, 2 rock flower anemones, pulsing xenia, a few leathers. A mated pair clown fish, 1 6 line wrasse, 1 neon dottyback. PM me for details. Some other things are in there but the system is fully running and has been established for a couple of years. It does have a bit of an algea issue right now since I'm not able to give it the time it needs at the moment. The stand isn't the biocube stand but can be included. PM me for more details. OBO View attachment 20996 View attachment 20997