Change of plans (vacating tank)


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I have a 130 gal tank (which I may sell last).
Our family is changing interest as the kids get older and I feel like it's become more of a chore than enjoyment, so it's getting dismantled and the wall remodeled.
I think the best way to go about this is to sell/move the corals first, then live rock and fish.

Here is a list of Livestock/corals I for sell: (make me a reasonable offer if you don't like the price listed)

Sea grass, (2x Frags) - Free
x13 Green Bounce w/white bubbles - mushrooms - 2 for $5 ($50 for all)
x2 Giant Fuzzy Mushroom (purple) - $5 each
x1 Giant Fuzzy Mushroom (purple w/lime green tips) - $5
x2 Finger leathers (2 types - Purple and white) - $5
x2 Zoa clusters w/purple and orange mushrooms (mixed together) - $10 each
Pipe Organ (Large) It's at least 7"-8" - $45
Long Polyp Toadstool +12" - $60
SOLD - Devils Hand (green) with many frags from it. It's at least 7"-8" - $50 (frags are free)
SOLD - Pipe Organ (Small) - $20
SOLD - Pulsating Zenia - have a couple - Free
SOLD - Pagota Cup (has some dead spots on it) - $15
SOLD - Hammers (frag) - $5
SOLD - Frogspawn (2 different species) - $15 each
SOLD - Trumpet/Candy Cane (lime green) with +10 heads - $10
SOLD - Orange Mushroom, 3-4 - $2 each
SOLD - Gregorian Fan (purple) +15 branches - $5

ON HOLD - Red Scooter Blenny - $10
ON HOLD - Diamond Gobie - $10
SOLD - Rainbow bubble tip anemone (purple, green, blue) has a porcelin crab acts as nanny on it and picasso clowns play in it ($ Depends on how it is sold since it is hosting)
SOLD - Picasso Clowns (bonded pair, orange/black/white, great markings) - $80
SOLD - Lyretail Anthias (bonded set, 3 females, 1 male) - $130
SOLD - Yellow Coris Wrasse (adult w/ purple face markings) - $20
SOLD - Tailspot Blenny - $5
SOLD - Lawnmower Blenny - $5
SOLD - 6-Line Wrasse - $10
SOLD - Yellow Watchman Gobie - $10
SOLD - Scopas Tang - $15
SOLD - Tomini Tang - $15
SOLD - Purple Dottyback - $5
SOLD - Blue Chromis (Trio set) - $10
SOLD - Cleaner Shrimp - $10
SOLD - Harlequin Shrimp - $15 (should have a chocolate start to give with it)
SOLD - Tuxedo Urchin - $10
SOLD - Banded Gobie (yellow/blue/black) - $5
MIA (must have passed away a while ago)Pistol Shrimp (Haven't heard him in a while) - $5
SOLD - Long Tentacle Brittle Star - $10
SOLD - Banded Sea Serpent Star - $5
SOLD - Snails (turbo/astria/nassarius/bumblebee) - $20 for all
SOLD - Hermits (gray and scarlet) - $10 for all

Rock/Sand (No longer avail)
2 very large rocks, they are 45-55lbs each. I would consider them show rocks and you cannot find these anymore. I've held onto these for the last +20 years.

3 medium rocks, they are between 10-20lbs each

Sand (Fiji Pink and very small crushed special grade caribsea), believe I have 120lbs 60lbs (Available).

Disclaimer: This is the part I wish I didn't have to write.... Due to the tank being somewhat neglected over the summer it has taken on aptasia.
The only coral that needs some attention (aptasiaX maybe?) would be the Pipe Organ.
The rocks I would end up either power washing or letting them sit out in the cold for a few days... or maybe you have another way to rid them on aptasia.

UPDATE: I will update this thread periodically for HOLD/SOLD
Also, I am not willing to chop up my show rocks for the mushrooms, so just need creative ways to peel/extract them. Thanks.

Photos: I think I had an issue with this last time... I can gladly text/email pictures of all of the above to those interested.
IMG_3601.jpg IMG_3603.jpg IMG_3602.jpg IMG_3612.jpg
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Once my membership donation is processed, I should have access to post photos again...
Thanks for your patience.
IMG_3615.jpg IMG_3611.jpg IMG_3610.jpg IMG_3609.jpg IMG_3608.jpg IMG_3607.jpg IMG_3606.jpg IMG_3605.jpg IMG_3604.jpg IMG_3619.jpg
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I'll take the Scooter blenny and the diamond goby. Maybe some fuzzy mushrooms too


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Just got back to here... uploaded pictures now that my membership is active.
Wasn't expecting this much interest right away.... (definitely not a bad thing).

I think PM might be the way to go to get my contact info to those interested... then I can use the order of posting for reserving livestock once the corals are vacated. This fish are absolutely PITAs to catch without destroying coral and knocking over rock.


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Had a few people on for forum over today to clean up/buy.
I updated the list for what is left. Mushrooms are all removed from rock, so much easier to sell now.


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Here are pics of that is left.. (the leathers are poking out around the long polyp toadstool.
The colander has all of the Bounce Mushrooms, Giant Fuzzt Mushrooms and frags of Devil's Hand.
Should be able to click to enlarge pics...

If anyone is interested and would like additional pictures, PM me and I can send you my number to text them.
Keeping the first post current.

IMG_3661.jpg IMG_3662.jpg IMG_3663.jpg IMG_3664.jpg