DBTC - Montipora Digitata

I keep breaking off branches of this coral by accident with my cleaning magnet. Currently, I have at least three branches to pass on - each around 4 inches. It's a german blue (at least that's what the shop told me). Located in Lafayette.
I've got three currently. I will be in Boulder on Sunday from 9am to 11am, right by the vehicle emissions testing station on Airport road. Let me know if that works for any of you.
Sorry, I did not mean Longmont. I may have time in the afternoon if you wanna come to Lafayette. I'm near Indian peaks golf course.


Turbo Snail
M.A.S.C Club Member
I didn't see this in time. I work in Lafayette and can stop by most days after work. 801-369-8636. Can you text me and we can arrange details?