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Getting out of the hobby, multi tank sale (2x20 g tall & 150 g tall), EVERYTHING MUST GO! My reefing journey has come to an end, I just dont have the time or energy to maintain and enjoy my tanks any more. After 15 years, it's time for someone else to give this stuff a good home. I will sell in stages (per tank), unless somebody wants to buy everything for a bargain. All items are listed at low/below market value, but feel free to make an offer if you think I'm asking too much. Willing to bundle for a good deal. First to go is my livestock and rock. I will need to sell all living things before I sell any equipment (although there is some unused equipment that I can sell right away). Live rock is $5/lb Located in Aurora near Hampden and Tower. I'm posting this in the forum first. If nobody shows any interest I'll be posting to the public next week.
***I would consider trades for nice music equipment (guitars, pedals, amps etc), and old Harley junk (Shovelhead and earlier)
Livestock-150 Tall

⦁ Fire Shrimp, $20 (spoken for)
⦁ Hermit crabs, red and blue leg, $10
⦁ Peppermint Shrimp, $10
⦁ Pencil Urchin $30
Coral-Prices reflect size. Most of these are large colonies. some of these are on the same rock, I'll separate if possible, or give you a deal on multi piece rocks
Acros/Mili/SPS all are colonies unless otherwise noted
⦁ Twizzler (or so I was told, doesn't look anything like pics online) small colony $60
BC Midas 24k, needs love, have never gotten PE out of it $40
BC I can't remember the name of, green and purple $80
⦁ Pink Mili, $60
⦁ Panama Red, $60
⦁ Bubblegum Digi $20-60 pieces
⦁ PC Rainbow, not super colorful but big, $60
⦁ Rommells Rainbow, $60 (on same rock as PC rainbow, $100 for the rock)
⦁ Joleen, $30 frags
⦁ Purple Stylo BIG, $150
⦁ The Vihn, $30 chunky frags
⦁ Orange Setosa, $50
⦁ Sunset Monti, $30
⦁ Green Pavona, potato chip $80
⦁ Green Pavona, encrusting type (x2) $50 each
⦁ Red Monti Cap, free with any purchase
Chalice, again prices reflect size
⦁ Pink Boobies, $150
⦁ Altitude Rainbow chalice (Orange, green, purple), $60
⦁ Altitude Jesse James $60
⦁ Jack-o-Lantern Lepto $60

- Indo gold, single head frag $50
- Green w/purple tip single head frag $10
Favia/Favite/Acan, all are colonies unless otherwise noted
⦁ Acan Rock, 3 different types, Purple/green, Orange/Teal, Red/Blue. $50 each or $120 for the rock
⦁ WWC favites Pink with teal center(forgot the name) and red/yellow favia (also forgot name lol) Rock $200
⦁ Spicy lemon Favia rock, $100
⦁ Neon Green Large polyp Favia, $100
⦁ Pale Pink and Yellow Favia (Frag that started dying and made a comeback) $10

Other LPS
⦁ Duncan, about 3 dozen heads, $100
⦁ Green Fungia with Orange mouth $60
⦁ Blasto Murletti $50
⦁ Green/Pink Cyphestrea rock $60
⦁ Orange Leptastrea Rock $60
⦁ Mint Candy Cane, multi head $30
⦁ Neon Green Candy Cane, 1 head $5

⦁ WWC Orange/Teal Rhodactis Rock (about 2 dozen) $200
⦁ Toadstool Leather, $40
⦁ Rock Flower Nems $20
⦁ Baby Godzilla Bounce Mushroom rock, 20+ heads, $600 (If we can get them off the rock I'd do $60-150 each depending on size)
⦁ Blue Interstellar Mushroom rock, 4 heads $180
⦁ GSP Mat, $50

150 Tall Equipment, will only sell after all livestock is gone
⦁ Glass Tank, Heavy Duty Iron square tubing stand, 40 gal DIY sump with overflow and plumbing, $500
⦁ Hydros Controller includes X4, XP8, ATO pump and water level sensor, rope leak detector, Temp probe, $500
⦁ Aquatic Life 48" Hybrid T5/LED fixture. Comes with 2 AI Hydras (The old kind), and 2 extra T5 bulbs, $200
⦁ Ice Cap skimmer $60
⦁ BRS Dual reactor, includes any carbon & GFO I have left, $50
⦁ Sicce ADV Return pump (The biggest one, I forget the GPH), $250
⦁ MP40 $200
⦁ Tunze Stream 3, $200
⦁ Ice cap 4k gyres and old style controller (they are pretty beat up, one has only one side that spins) $50
⦁ Eshopps 2 head doser, $80
⦁ Marine Magic 3 head doser, $40
⦁ Current USA 24" led Light used for fuge, $40
⦁ DIY ATO bucket and controller $25
Total of all 150 gal equipment $2,200, Buy it all for $1,500

20 Gallon Tall

Equipment-20 gallon tank
⦁ Tank, wooden stand, 10 gal fuge, overflow, filter cup, Hydor DC return pump and plumbing, heaters & controller $100
⦁ Sicce Shark media reactor $20
⦁ AI Prime 16 w/ mounting bracket, $100
⦁ Tunze Ozmolator nano ATO (includes diy 3 gallon reservoir), $50
⦁ IM LED Fuge light $40

RO setup, will only sell after all livestock from both tanks has been sold
⦁ Aquatic Life 100 GPD Twist in RO unit with added auto shutoff, Chloramine Filter, TDS Meter and Pressure Gauge. Mounted to a board, Includes 30 gal brute with lid, wheels and float valve. $150
⦁ XP aqua Flood Guardian, $40
⦁ Misc buckets and plumbing/tubing free with purchase

Other equipment not being used and available for immediate sale
⦁ IM Aqua Gadget Mini Max Media Reactor, $80
⦁ Kamoer x1 bluetooth dosing pump (x2) $40 each
⦁ 300w Finnex Titanium Heaters (x2) $20 each
⦁ 20 gallon tall tank, black stand, Glass top, Light hood, HOB filter, $50
⦁ I have a bunch of odds and ends from being in this hobby for over 15 years, if there is something youre looking for, just ask and I might have it!
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LFS prices on coral......
Serious question-should I be selling these for less than I paid for them when they have turned into colonies? Most of this stuff is not frags, and I feel like the prices reflect the growth. I am also open to offers.


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Updated the list, thanks to everyone who has picked something up so far! Please message me with any questions-I don't always get notifications about new posts in the thread


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Updated the list, sales have slowed down here in the forum so I will be taking it public next week. I can potentially start breaking down the 20 gallon if anyone is interested in equipment from that tank, or the whole setup.