72 Gal. Oceanic bow front Aquarium and, stand>>>>FREE

Hi, My name is Hal Chantker. I was a former very active member of all the Denver area reef clubs until 2010. Due to travel and, advanced age (78), I sold or, gave away all of my fish, live coral and, equipment. I did keep my Oceanic 72 gal. Bow front with matching black stand because, I had a vinyl floor laid around it. Well, now it is time to get another new floor and I have to get the aquarium out of the house.

I thought it might be a great item for a Club raffle and, with that in mind, I would make an offer the Club couldn't refuse. The tank and, matching stand for FREE. I have to admit, the tank is kind of dirty. I let the water just evaporate because, I was so sad to drop out of the hobby. The tank does NOT leak! Also, a 20 plastic refuge. is in the bottom of the tank.

No one from the Club contacted me so, anyone that wants it let me know.

If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me at 303-972-1909 or, email me: khsecoond@aol.com I am usually available 10 AM - 10 PM.

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Very cool donation/gift Hal!!! It was a pleasure talking with you today and we wish you nothing but great times in your continued adventures!


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Hey Hal long time no see glad to see you are still around.
Yep, still hanging around. Now I am busy Volunteering with Freedom Service Dogs. Even involved with the training. Glad to see the Club is thriving.
Nope, Hal has gone to the dogs. As in: Freedom Service Dogs of America. They rescue dogs from WY to NM, Than train them to be Official "Service Dogs" for MS, CP, Autistic kids, Wheel Chair users, and, especially Wounded Warriors and, Folks with prosthetic limbs etc. Do a lot of Charity events and, also part of the training crew.

I might just drop by one of MASC meetings to see what's new, say hello, etc.

Thanks for asking, Hal


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Hi Hal, long time no see buddy. We had our very first frag swap at your house. Glad to see your keeping busy.


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I figured but thought id check