AquaMart (Lakewood)


Turbo Snail
M.A.S.C Club Member
I've had great experiences with coral and fish here in the last 9 months - they're 15 minutes up the road so I've been frequenting them whenever I happen to be in the area (Wadsworth off 285). The prices are a bit high on some medium-sized coral colonies but often times I find a gem that is way below price (I got a medium-sized Melanarus Wrasse for $12 recently and some gorgeous Acan frags for under $20/ea). If you are out this way I do recommend popping in they rotate and move livestock pretty frequently.

Just a PSA - please dip your corals and QT them if you buy here. I have had a few unfriendlies that I would NOT want to introduce into my tank. This isn't a ding on AquaMart, as realistically I expect this from any store.