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Best saltwater FISH store along the I-25 corridor

Discussion in 'Fish' started by FOURSTARS, Apr 4, 2021.


    FOURSTARS Copepod M.A.S.C Club Member

    I live in Sterling and instead of shipping fish I’m looking for a store with a large heathy stock of fish. If you were stocking a new tank where would you buy? Thanks
  2. Craigar

    Craigar Kraken M.A.S.C Club Member

    Aquatic art well worth the drive
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  3. Haddonisreef

    Haddonisreef Kraken M.A.S.C Club Member

    Animal att in Greeley has some nice fish
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  4. Terry Fox

    Terry Fox Copepod

    Aquatic Art is mostly coral, it is a must visit store with fair prices.
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  5. SynDen

    SynDen Kraken Staff Member M.A.S.C Club Member M.A.S.C. B.O.D. M.A.S.C President M.A.S.C Webmaster

    Mile high Tides, Murmans and Aquatic Art are all my favorites and the right in the line down sante fe (85), which mostly runs parallels to I-25
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    FOURSTARS Copepod M.A.S.C Club Member

    Good point, why limited to one if your making the drive. Once I get my quarantine tank set up sounds like road trip time!
  7. jda123

    jda123 Tuna M.A.S.C Club Member

    I have gotten most of my fish at Animal Attraction in Greeley or Aquatic Art down south. There is a new place called something like Fancy Clownfish in Broomfield near 36 and 120th... hard to find on the internet - I have gotten a few fish there and they are cheaper than most and are doing well. Most of the others are hit or miss depending on when they got their last shipment.

    Aquatic Art will have the most fish at opening on Friday - they go fast.
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  8. SynDen

    SynDen Kraken Staff Member M.A.S.C Club Member M.A.S.C. B.O.D. M.A.S.C President M.A.S.C Webmaster

    Ya I met the guys from Fancy Clownfish a while back, at the Coral Farmers show, and I need to make a trip down to their new shop and check it out now that its open.
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  9. JuanGutz

    JuanGutz Shark M.A.S.C Club Member

    Just picked up two mocha storm 33ea and a naso 45. All doing well so far.
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