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Dussumieri Tangs For Sale - Mated Pair

Discussion in 'Fish' started by Jason Shaw, Oct 17, 2021.

  1. Jason Shaw

    Jason Shaw Copepod

    I have a beautiful pair of mated adult Hawaiian Dussumieri Tangs that needs a new home. The tangs are VERY healthy and they eat any kind of food you put in front of them. The tangs have NEVER picked on coral and will go well with any kind of fish EXCEPT ANOTHER DUSSUMIERI TANGS. I am moving out of the country and breaking down a 300 gallon reef tank that I have had now for 16 years!

    Due to the size of the fish and the swimmers that they are; a 300 gallon tank or larger is a must! These fish are extremely beautiful and are excellent additions in reef tanks. Due to the recent export limitations with Hawaiian fish, they are now getting very hard to source!

    I can email pictures upon request. Tangs are $1,200.00 for the pair. I will not separate them.

    If interested please call 720-218-7648 - Thanks, Jason
  2. quackenbush

    quackenbush Copepod M.A.S.C Club Member

    oof. I am setting up a new tank and would love these tangs, but it's only a 220 - 6' x 2' x 2.5'....
  3. Jason Shaw

    Jason Shaw Copepod

    Thank you for the intrest. These tangs can get pretty large and a 220 is just to small for them.

    I havs alot of live rock, coral, inverts and equipment that i am getting rid of as well if you need anything for your new set up, lmk.

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