Frags for sale: frogspawn, bird's nest, shrooms, pulsing zenia, cheato


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I'm selling frags of things that grow well for me and I've had to cut back. My pics suck, so I put descriptions in as well.

  • Frogspawn: $20 obo.
    Green with purple tips - 1 frag, 3 heads.
  • Bird's Nest $5, whatever reasonable amount you want
    Blueish green - Pictured is the mother colony. I have some frags already cut, and I can cut others because this guy won't stop growing.
  • Discosoma (probably), 1 rock 2 heads. $15 obo.
    This is your standard blueish shroom with turquoise that shows through when they open up. Common but easy on the eyes.
  • Pulsing Zenia, $5 obo.
    No pic, but we all know what it looks like. Grows like mad of course, but if you want any just come get it.
  • Cheato, $5, obo.
    I'll cut you a golfball size bit from my sump.
I'm open to trades, but my tank is pretty full. I'm really trying to rid myself of the extra. View attachment 21055 View attachment 21056 View attachment 21057 View attachment 21058


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Location: East Longmont.

Apparently I don't get e-mails from MASC any more (I'm trying to figure out why now), but these, some orange (maybe ultra rainbow) rhodactis (if I can get them off the rock without killing them) are available. If anyone is particularly interested, feel free to txt me at 7/ 563-7656 until I get the e-mail thing figured out.


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