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Hi everyone,

I have been in the hobby on and off for a long time, but had a brain injury last October so I apologize if I've already made an account or introduced myself.

My name is Kyle O'Neill, and I'm up here in Longmont, CO. I currently can't drive and have no income due to a workers comp dispute, but while I'm stuck at home with short term memory loss I just wanted to say thank you to those who have helped me in the hobby if we've previously met. I'm no longer on social media but I know someone gave me am asterospicularia frag and some others and I really enjoy seeing them grow out in the tank.

I got three tanks, a 15, a 40, and a 29 tall. The 15 is a macro tank with gsp and a Nepthea ( no fish) .

The 40 is a mixed reef with some nps as well, two tomato clowns, a springers blue damsel, an urchin and huge 2"++ emerald crab.

The 29 is a mixed reef as well with orange encrusting sponge and a lone clownfish and a mandarin that I feed copepods from the 40.

At this point I think these tanks have been up few months over a year, but I'm not really sure because I don't have notes.

Anyway, just popping in to say hello, I'm still out here if anyone is wondering and the tanks and corals are doing alright too.

If anyone wants some interesting macro, I think I'm going to go more that route as time moves on. I have oyster thief, dragon tongue, bryopsis (spooky) , bubble algae, turf algae, sponges, tunicates, feather duster worms....

Hopefully the dragon tongue begins growing out more, but it's sort of stagnated.

I also got some free softy frags of things like Nepthea and asterospicularia, forest fire mushrooms, zoas, etc.

I'm not looking to make any money, I'm just a lonely guy coming up on 30 who enjoys talking reefs and seeing people's interesting corals, and as of late, haven't been able to drive either.

I got pretty distraught seeing a bunch of people whose faces I didn't recognize and people/names I didn't know in my phone, so if you do message me, just bear with me if I don't know who you are or can't remember. I'm trying my best to be understanding of my own issue and it's been difficult to come to terms with this one person at a time.

Not asking for handouts but I'm just putting this out there first so you all know about it in case we ever meet. I'm not being impolite, I just have short term memory loss. I know it can really bug some people, but hopefully it never becomes a burden and if I've asked something repeatedly, tell me. I'll understand.

As to how I managed everything, I have a book I read everyday as part of a check list that outlines my tanks and the issues, tank care, params, testing, maintenance, observations, etc.

I got a few for my whole life but I'll post some front tank shots and data later on if I remember and it makes it onto my books.

Take care all. Tbh I'm not in a place to take coral because if the tank takes a dump then I probably won't be in a position to save it or re-home things, but I'm always happy to chat coral or fish on the phone or text or something.

Take care,



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Welcome and glad to hear you are still making it work and doing what you can to keep on truckin'. Would love to see some pics of your tanks too.