Murderous Pistol Shrimp


M.A.S.C Club Member
I have a murderer in my tank. Heard several snaps last night. Woke up this morning to my wife upset that our sand shifting goby is not there to greet us like always.

In the process of removing the offender we discovered that the pistol shrimp we thought had died was still alive, and had been camping out with his replacement.

This guy is on his way back to the LFS right now, and hopefully his smaller ex roomate did not learn any bad habits.

Fish lost to this tiger pistol:

2 Fire dart fish

2 yellow watchman gobies

Many snails

And out favorite fish ever, Mr. Sand Shifter Goby

Mr. Sand Shifter Goby you will be missed.

I truly hope our next SSG is as engaging as out first one was.