Need a starfish ID and to know whether reef/fish safe


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I wouldn't keep it unless you have a reasonably large tank (75g or above). Those starfish primarily survive from microfauna in the sand and can easily starve and either pollute the tank or become opportunistic with bottom dwelling fish because of the lack of food in smaller tanks. Haven't heard any horror stories in large tank, but have heard several in smaller ones.

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Serpent star should be fine with everything even small fish. Brittles can hunt fish but even in cases where they do they’re usually underfed and forced to find an alternative food source.


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That's a red serpent star, not a brittle but pretty much the same thing. Ime These guys can be very oportontisc feeders too. Not as bad as green brittle stars but still have potential to go after small fish. Easy targets for these guys are manadrins and scooter dragonets

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