News Flash~~~ NEWS FLASH~~~ News Flash - WE HAVE A NEW PLATINUM SPONSOR!!!!!!!

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Blue Whale
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Big News MASC we would like to WELCOME our newest PLATINUM SPONSOR - REEF STARS!!!!

Val Gorbounov aka VALG is the owner and has been a member of our club for several years and has decided to join the Elite Group of Platinum Sponsors we have! We are extremely excited to finally have him come aboard MASC as a sponsor!

We encourage you all to welcome him and to go visit his store for some great selections and pricing on saltwater corals!

Val please feel free to tells us more about yourself and your store and again WELCOME TO MASC!!!!

for more info please visit

and please like his facebook page



Sting ray
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Great job Val!


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Platinum Sponsor
Thanks everyone! Super excited about this! Please stop by to see us next Saturday at Reef Ed.