Potluck for Fragtoberfest!

We will be providing the hotdogs and burgers for the event but we are welcoming people to bring potluck sides, desserts, drinks and anything else that would make this event more enjoyable for everyone!

Please let me know what you are willing to bring as soon as possible. (You are not required to contribute anything but it would be cool if you do!)

Note: since this is going to be a fairly large event, it is ok if some people bring the same thing!
Heffe01;115656 said:
Im assuming there wont be any way to keep food hot?
If you need to keep something hot let me know and we can make arrangements. If you put it in an aluminum pan we can get those little stands and burners for you.

Hooked is bringing cream cheese dessert bars (world famous)
Scuba Steve bringing fancy cake
Murfman is bringing soda
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