Been busy and just lurking the forum. Finally busted out the camera, shot some in the last few weeks. So, I did these over the weekend. I know there are a few good photogs here... I haven't done stars much. Critiques? :D


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Awesome! I like the reflection on the lake. I've tried to capture the night time lake reflection thing before and it is harder than it looks, I don't think any of mine came out. Where were these taken? What were you shooting with?


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Very nice. Excellent shots. I love the last one, perfect exposure and clouds are very dynamic
These were at Lily Lake, just before you drop down to Estes Park off Highway 7, looking toward Longs Peak. Shot with a Nikon D750, 28mm F3.2 ISO's of 3200, 6400 and 10k, 15 second exposures. As such there is a bit of noise in the full resolution, and they aren't the sharpest images, but they might print ok in smaller sizes. Need to get a wider and faster lens so the stars stay as points longer and can use a lower ISO.


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Exposure settings were spot on.. The portrait picture has the right balance to it verses the landscape for my eye. If it weren't for the cloud it would be perfect!