Taking the new macro lens for a spin (Pic Intensive!)

Walter White

Reef Shark
M.A.S.C Club Member
SynDen;362486 said:
Awesome! love these spiders too. Had one of these making a web in my garage doorway all summer, everyone in the house greeted her daily. My standard lens wasnt up to taking decent pics of her though, but that macro sure is
Yeah this one made its web on the stop sign at the end of my block. I saw the perfectly shaped web in the morning sunlight going to work the other day.

Balz3352;362487 said:
What camera are you using... I see you are using the canon 100mm lens
I'm using a Canon 70D which I primarily chose for its video capability.

I have ordered a Raynox Super Macro converter that will bump my magnification another 2.5X. Once I can combine that with the twin light macro flash I want I should be able to achieve some really nice closeups.