Trade Frags for Photography Help


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I have all kinds of nice camera stuff, but I have no idea how to use it underwater. I have a couple of Canon 5ds, a whole pile of L lenses (including 100mm macro, 24-70 and many more), avast portal, etc. There is no reason that I cannot take good photos. I am willing to trade acropora frags if somebody can come over and show me how to use it. I also have a iMac for processing.


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That's a wee bit too far :( If you're ever in the SE Aurora area, you are more than welcome to stop by with your camera and you can shoot some pics of corals in our tanks; I can give you pointers etc and show you exactly how I take my pics (albeit, they're not the best pics as I'm a little rusty after not having done this for 2+ years). No frags needed and 100% no pressure to buy anything -- would be happy to help out a fellow reefer.

Aside from your camera body, I'd recommend bringing a short macro lens if you have it (I use a 60mm macro lens -- works best in frag tanks) -- if you only have the 100mm then you'll have to shoot pics of stuff in the taller tank, which is fine, except my fish might photo bomb your pics :).

- Archit


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Sadly, havent seen him on in ages. Almost a year since his last login


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Sorry I am no help, I cheated and bought an underwater camera


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For what it’s worth, I found this video series really interesting. I haven’t tried all of his techniques but he does seem to explain all of the fundamentals pretty well.

Search YouTube for: Reef DSLR series