Want to buy colorful SPS and large soft coral


Cleaner Shrimp
I'm looking for some decent sized frags of colorful SPS for a good price. Any species will work including acro, Monti, birdsnest, Stylo, porci or whatever. I'm trying to stay away from solid greens as I have a lot of that. I'd be interested really any other colors or multicolor. Hit me up with what you have. I will say I'm not looking for anything that's solid green, red Monti, blue or purple digi, or teal birdsnest as I have plenty of those. Specifically I would be into some sort of blue stag acro, sunset Monti, cool millipora, and would really like a pink birdsnest.

Also if you have some really tall soft corals I was looking to put some in the back of my tank. Kenya tree or finger leather or something that grows really tall.


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Ive got a few colonies I coukd rid myself of.

-blue stag
-green slimer
-TSA the fuzz
-cali tort