Anyone interested in Hatching Clown fish eggs?


Angel Fish
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Hello Everyone,

So my tank is running very well. Everyone's happy and settled. In fact so happy that my set if big beautiful clowns are laying eggs every 2 weeks like clock work. Each batch of eggs looks like about 150- ish.

So with my travel schedule, I am unable to hatch and rear these little guys. And sadly, I am tired of cleaning these guys out of my filter socks :concern: every few weeks.

So I propose the following to check interest in the group:

I would like to offer the barnacle shell and 5 gallons of tankwater (just before hatch) to a member to hatch and raise. You can keep all profits from sales.

In return I ask for the barnacle shell back and the 5 gallon container 24 hours after hatching so I can put back in my tank. If successful I would be happy to offer another batch of eggs.

I assume anyone interested would be prepared- have knowledge of the process, live foods, tank and other preparations already made. Hopefully the water I provide will help alleviate part of the process.

thanks and PM me if interested with your setup. here is a pic of the parents. There are eggs now in the shell.

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That would be a fun project. The girls would love to watch the experience, however, we are leaving for Peru in a week and a half. If the opportunity presents itself again around September or October, we would be willing to try then. Just let me know.