Dark spot under arch - Help/advice needed

I have a large dark spot under this arch in my 220g tank. I already have 3x AI Hydra 32's mounted at 13 inches above the water (according to BRS recommendations from their Hydra 32 video). I haven't checked PAR readings, but plan on renting a PAR meter soon from Biggs Lagoon (this weekend hopefully).

Does anyone have any good recommendations for which light to get? Ideally, I would like something to provide light to just under the arch as the other areas are well lit already. I tried using a spare ViperSpectra light that I had, but it was way too big and bulky and the light was way too dispersed to accomplish my goal.

I've heard great things about Orphek bars, or even an AI Prime. The light would be mounted to my hood right behind the doors and pointed diagonally towards the dark void under the arch. I hope that makes sense.

If anyone has a spare light that I could borrow for a few days that would be fantastic. I would be happy to pay a deposit/rental fee or something.

Any insight/ideas/recommendations/etc would be great. Thanks in advance.


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Well I think you are always going to have heavy shadow under the arch there, just the nature of it. That being said, Metal Halides have the best spread ime and would fill in much better then any LED, but if you are not wanting to re-do your light entirely I would recommend NicoBars. Nicos are very similar to orphek bars but a much better price point. 1-2 UV, or Blue pop, bars could be angled a bit to fill in some of the dark spots.


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I think the AI Prime idea is good. They have flex arm mount that'll allow you to point it in any direction under your hood without having to mount it in a fixed position.

A non-light option would be to change your background to white to help reflect the light off the back a little more. Not sure how hard it would be to keep white. It's not for everyone. I'm thinking about doing it.


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