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Hello Reefers,

I've decided to change a few things up on one side of the tank. I've got a Purple Trachea that I'm running out of places to put. It puts out about 6in stingers so it'll need that my space down current. Very healthy. Purple with turquoise and orange stripes. I've also got a frag of JF Jerkers Palys -10+ heads and purpleand orange Lobo(DBTC).

I've got a few others that I'd like to trade for softies, mushrooms or high end palys. I'm adding some coral to my FOWLR to add color. I have a few Angels so I'm not risking these in there.

Raja Rampage - 5 eyes
Indo Gold Torch - 3+ heads
Green w/ purple tips branching hammer colony - 15+ heads
(Superman like) blasto colony - 30+ heads
Branching Indo Bronze hammer - 3 heads
Yellow branching Frogspawn - 2 heads
Green w/blue tips Frogspawn - 5 heads
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