Looking for Tank sitter 4/21-4/27


Butterfly Fish
M.A.S.C Club Member
Im heading to Barbados for a week in April and my buddy that normally watches my tank will be deployed at that time. I’m looking for someone to come check-in on my tank. Basically, need someone to change filter socks on my big tank, empty/check the skimmers and scrape the glass periodically. I have a 90 and a 400. My mother-in-law is watching my house and kids, and she’s not very “enthusiastic” about doing anything with my tanks. Everything is hooked up to an apex, including multiple automatic feeders. Any suggestions/ reccomendatiins would be greatly appreciated. I’m located in Arvada off of 58th and Ward Rd.


Reef Shark
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Unenthusiastic mother in-law? What, never........:tearsofjoy::sob::grinning:

@jagermeister lives that direction, somewhere around Stanley Lake. I'd do it but it would be more than an hour drive each way.


Clown Fish
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I am in Golden and could help out. I am leaving town on the 26th, but am good up till then. What sort of frequency are you thinking? Every other day?