My GHL/ProfiLux setup

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GHL is actually very easy to configure, it is literally set-it-and-forget-it. It's been the most reliable piece of equipment i've purchased...there are also many videos on their YouTube channel walking you through the typical configurations as well as a great Facebook page where users from all over the world contribute.
I'm probably going to do a couple videos of my own and post them to my MASC forum listings, and maybe in the future I can do a demo of their gear for MASC members


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No such thing as set and forget in this hobby, thats a recipe for disaster. Nice unit for sure, but nothing in this hobby is full proof. Just my opinion. Seen to many crashes due to “set and forget”.


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What is all of that doing? Forgive my ignorance, please. Is that what you have to do if you don't have a Calcium Reactor and change a bit of water? Can you break it down for us dummies?

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Ok, i'll try to explain a bit.
  • The top unit is the actual ProfiLux controller (like an apex).
  • The next unit down is my doser for supplements/Additives; Pump one is dosing ALK, Pump 2 is Calcium, 3 I am not currently using, Pump 4 was dosing Flat Worm Stop (but I don't think I actually had flat worms, but coral growth was great while I used it).
  • Next down is the KH Director - I currently have it measuring my KH 4 times per day, and adjusting pump 1 on my main doser as needed, since that is the ALK additive. It can also work with a calcium reactor if you have that set up
  • Last unit is the doser for the KH director to use (although it only needs 3 pumps). Pump 1 takes the sample water from my sump, Pump 2 adds the reagent into the sample water in the KHD test chamber, Pump 4 empties the sample and reagent to waste after testing completes.
Some of the basics I have the ProfiLux doing...
  • Controlling my Mitras lights, programming could be done directly to the lights but I like everything in one place.
  • Auto top off through the use of a GHL water level sensor and a pump in my RODI bin
  • Auto feeding: twice a day it turns off the power to my pumps then 5 seconds later it turns on a standard pellet feeder to run one revolution of the feeder motor which doses the food. 15 minutes later it turns all the pumps back on
  • Auto Water change...I'll be adding that in January, i just need to decide if i'm going to use the Doser Maxi unit, or if i'll buy another power bar and use standard MJ 1200 pumps with the water level sensors
  • Sends me email alerts if I am running low on my dosing fluids, or if any of my probes read an out of range level (Temp, PH, specific gravity, redox)
  • oh and of course heaters, it powers the main heater to keep the tank in range, in winter if the main heater is not able to keep the temp up then it turns on my second heater when needed
I think that's most of it, I travel for business and like the added piece of mind it gives me. It is handling some basic, routine tasks that I would otherwise need to have a family member do, and also frees up a little more of my personal time so i'm not always in the tank LOL
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