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This was posted by the owner of GHL in another forum and in the GHL facebook group, no pricing announced yet...Cant wait to add this to my GHL controller setup! And yes, I will be selling these too

"We didn't want to announce our next product, the ION Director, before we have ALL facts, especially prices and availability, and all technical details, because announcing too early can lead to unnecessary pressure and dissatisfaction - so we tried to avoid that.

BUT: So many people who knew that we are working on a solution for measuring Calcium had been asking the last weeks, we felt that it is overdue to announce now at least the most important (and already firm) facts.

This is already clear about the ION Director:
  • will measure (at least) Calcium and Magnesium
  • no reagents, works with sensors (but still needs calibration fluid)
  • several measurements per day (customizable), no permanent measurement
  • needs a Doser Standalone, ProfiLux 3 or ProfiLux 4 as a "brain" for operation, connected over ProfiLux Aquatic Bus (similar principle as KH Director)
  • needs 2 or 3 pumps (still under development): sample in/out, calibration fluid in + out
  • can also control Ca and Mg (via changing dosing amounts or switching sockets)
  • small sample amount
  • self calibrating
  • usual features as for our other measurements: alarms, graphs, etc.
  • will be shown at Macna 2019
  • sales start November 2019
No final information about prices yet. No details about the probes resp. their lifetime can be announced at this point.
Our main goals are to have very accurate readings, long probe lifetime and reasonably priced replacement probes. We are working hard with our probe vendor on that.

Our tests are extremely promising, this is how it will look like (maybe changes in details):"


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That’s pretty awesome. I am terrible about testing with any regularity.

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