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Ok I am giving away another frag here. DBTC is fun I wish more people did it!

I have been listening to older music all morning and just loving it so I wanted to extend this fun to everybody who is interested. I don’t like every genre of music but I won’t put a limit on genre. So here is what you need to do.

Just embed a video of your favorite 80’s or 90s song. It does not have to be an official video. If it’s the song with a blank screen that’s cool with me.

One entry per person. If you have other songs you want to share please use the MASC music thread(if it’s still there I haven’t look) as to not clutter up this thread.

Winner will be decided by the group. I will make a poll once the contest entry period is up.

Entry period is from Today until Friday 8/17 at noon. I will get the poll up after that, hopefully in this same thread. Poll will end the next evening @8pm Saturday 8/18 so I can bring the frag to the MASC meeting/BBQ. If you cannot make the meeting you must pick up in Centennial with in one week or next in line gets the frag. I am trying to thin out my tank and don't want to sit on a frag too long.

Winner will have a choice of one frag from two chalice frags. WWC Golden Eye (pink with yellow eyes) or Bubblegum Mummy Eye (blue with pink eyes). I think that’s what it was called back in the day? Pics below lol

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View attachment 12670

Frags were cut last weekend so they aren’t encrusted yet. Yes I have spaghetti worms, no they aren’t pests. :p

Hope you enjoy this! Good luck!

Here’s my “entry” lol



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Gabe, I hope you win with that entry!

If not, I hope Gabe or Brandi wins, preferably Gabe

LOL I knew this was coming but first one! I'm not even going to play it. The thumbnail is all I needed to have it stuck in my head

I should have said you have to like the song


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Dont really need another frag but hey I love these DBTCs, and Yes more people should do them!
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