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Are you able to send a photo of the zoas you still have? I could come down later today.
any reagals left?
None at the moment, should have more soon. Have the Venustus Pair available.
HI i just bought lighting for my 90 gallon tank ..DO not buy Ecotech..the app that runs their equipment is extremely bad....i would feel bad if i didnt warn a reefer....Ecotech makes all equipment not work and UNSAFE becouse the app is Bad
Can I pay shipping and have you send the par meter to Longmont, or is there a way to leap frog it closer? I don't know when I'll be in Denver next. Im not too far from Juangutz and it looks like he may need it too. Just let me know the options.
Thanks , TJ
Hello! I'm from SoCal. Been on the hunt trying to complete my macro collection and came across this post. Would you still happen to have blue octhodes that you would be willing to ship? Please and thank you
Ok, so I went and donated. The only thing is I live far from you. If possible could you wait until I can get up there? 1-3 weeks. If not it didn't kill me. Maybe I could post an If someone is coming from Denver could they pick some up for me. Your thoughts please.
Hi there! I just saw you offering some sps frags. Do you mind if I message you when I'm in Longmont next week to see if you still have some tort or birds nest?
Thanks for generosity and happy reefing!
Hey there just checking to see if you still have any good size frags of SPS available? I am just looking for any coral right now so if you have any cool LPS I am interested also. I hope all is well
Hey Aaron-

Hope all is well! Let me know if you have any corals left and I will buy them!